Fun With Skype and Wedding Invitations

Last night, Cobalt and I had the pleasure of Skyping with our friend T, who we have asked to design our wedding invitations. A few weeks ago, Cobalt and I sat down and made rough sketches of what we would want to see in our invitations – paper size, colors, wording, what the RSVP cards would look like, borders, drawings, etc. I drew it all up with my Wacom tablet and e-mailed them to T. So last night, she had them all open on her computer and we worked together so that she could have a better idea of what we were thinking. It was kind of a fun experience with her drawing away on her Wacom tablet and us watching via the “Share screen” option on Skype. We would pick part of the invitation, she would ask us a little about what we were thinking, and then she would go to work. It was sooooo cool to watch everything unfold. I am so incredibly excited for the way everything turns out. I think it is going to be amazing. Thanks T for being awesome!!!

Cobalt and I are super excited about how personal our invitations are going to be. How do you guys feel about invitations? Do you like super fancy frilly ones? Simple ones that just give the information? Something in between? Something with maybe… sharks? on them?

Also, Happy Pi Day! From me to you… Go get some pie! :D

I eat this sushi now

Sometimes I like playing with my Bamboo Pen tablet… It is amazing. For this picture, I was trying out a free application that comes with the tablet called “Sumo Paint.” It’s roughly a free equivalent to Photoshop and is made specifically for the tablet. It has some strange quirks to it but I guess that is understandable in a free image editing program. Fun times… I hope that shark gets to eat his sushi…