Sharks gnawin’ on my ears…

So the other day, I was wearing my awesome octopus earrings to lab and my friend wondered why I didn’t have any shark earrings, specifically shark earrings that looked like they were eating my ears. I thought that that was a good question and began a google search for shark earrings in general. As it happened, I happened to find a google images search image of clay shark earrings much like the ones I had dreamed about. I drooled over them for about half a minute until I realized that that girl had posted a tutorial on how to make them! Hurrah! Craft time!

So I headed to the store, picked out the required colors of Sculpey III clay and earring posts/backs and set to work. It was hard work. I ended up making two sets of earrings because I would practice on the first two sharks and then try again for the second two sharks. Also, I was at a loss for how long to bake my shark earrings seeing as the directions on the Sculpey III package said to bake at 275 degrees for 15 minutes per 1/4 inch. Ummmm… how long for shark earrings? I ended up calling Cobalt to come downstairs and check out my earrings a billion times winging it – about 25 minutes – and then letting them cool overnight. Here’s an Instagram of the shark earrings fresh out of the oven…

Anyway, I LOVE them. I wore them to school yesterday and got so many compliments. Plus it just feels so me to have sharks eating my ears. I can’t wait to get more time to make more (such a perfectionist…). Also I have already decided that I want to try to make miniature alligator earrings too. Yay!

Your turn: what do you think of the shark earrings? Would you buy some if I sold them in an Etsy shop? Tell me about your latest craft project. How was it inspired? Did you just dive right into something completely new or was it something that you worked really hard on for a while to accomplish? If you don’t like crafts, tell me about a hobby of yours! :)

In other news, my friend/labmate K passed his oral exam yesterday – if you’re not in grad school, let me explain – think of a test that you study for for months and then three professors try to figure out what you don’t know and then ask you questions about that for 1.5 hours. Are you shivering? Yeah… it sucks. But passing it means you are an official PhD candidate (read: you now have a masters degree and can continue on the path towards getting your PhD). So yay K! So proud of you! :)

Um… I think there’s something on your ear…

So I’ve been trying to wear earrings more. I mean I’ve had my ears pierced since I was 10 but I rarely wear earrings except for fancy events. As a scientist who works in a lab for the majority of the time, I don’t go to that many fancy events. The problem is that all the earrings I currently own are what I associate with wearing to fancy events so every time I tried to put a pair on before lab, I’d feel way overdressed and take them off again. Then I saw these amazing octopus earrings on my friend E’s Etsy shop. They’re perfect. Super cute and very Potassium-y but not too dressy either. I pretty much immediately ordered a pair. When they arrived on Saturday morning, I put them on and then immediately ordered a black pair, you know for those special black tie/tentacle occasions… or evil occasions… whatever! I will be prepared!

Anyway, if you like these, you should check them out and maybe get your own pair. They come in a variety of colors and they look like nothing I’ve ever seen before. They kind of look like gauge earrings but they have a standard post back so never fear if you don’t want crazy gauged holes in your ears. Pretty much my only complaint so far is that they are a bit heavier than what my ears are used to (which is no earrings at all…) so I’ve been wearing them a lot to get my ears more used to the weight (and because I like them…). These earrings almost make me want to get another set of piercings in my ear lobes so that I can wear the black ones and the green ones simultaneously. ;)

Here’s a different angle… look at those octopus earrings, trying to escape from my hair…

And now it’s your turn. I am still on a hunt for other amazing earrings so do you know of any awesome (but not too expensive) earrings/earring websites I could look at? What kind of earrings do you enjoy wearing (no earrings, dangly, studs, CRAZY OVER THE TOP DANGLY, etc)? Do you have other ear piercings (i.e. industrial, cartilage piercings, etc)? Do you think I should get a second hole pierced? Guy readers, would you wear these? I showed these earrings to one of my lab friends who LOVES octopi but he doesn’t have his ears pierced so I say he’s missing out. ;) Now check out my friend E’s shop! :D

By the way… how is it March already?

K and Co necklaces!

Probably some of the neatest gifts we received for our wedding actually had something to do with this blog. Two separate people thought we would like some K and Co jewelry! So you can see on the top we have his and hers Co and K necklaces and then on the bottom is one necklace with both K and Co on it. You guys are awesome! Makes me think you all enjoy reading this little blog and that makes me (and Cobalt!) feel pretty darn special. :)

In other news, Cobalt and I were pretty lazy this weekend. I had a crochet party with my friend J at the Boulder Farmer’s Market. We started making ewoks! For some reason mine is turning out a lot smaller than hers even though we used the same hooks, yarn, and pattern… :-/ I will have to post pictures when mine is done. Cobalt and I also caught up on our (always growing) list of movies to see in the theater. My favorite of the weekend was Beasts of the Southern Wild which is sad but also kind of amazing. I highly recommend it. The music is really good if you’re a music nerd like me. :) I think that’s all. Anyone do anything epic this weekend?