Creepy Clouds

We have been getting a LOT of rain here recently (wish I could send it all to Los Alamos, NM) so I snapped this picture one night. I was about to go to bed when I saw the moon all creepily obscured by clouds. It’s one of me and Cobalt’s favorite moons (the cool moon if you ask me or the “Lon Chaney” moon if you ask Cobalt…) so I had to take a picture of course. It turned out really cool if you ask me!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! :D

Apparently I have been so busy with everything that I forgot that I have absolutely NO new black and white pictures (if you don’t count all those color accent pictures I’ve been posting like a fiend recently). But it doesn’t really matter because today is my parents’ wedding anniversary and that is more important than sticking to my silly rules. So yeah! Happy anniversary parents! I love you guys! I hope you have a wonderful anniversary! :) This top picture was taken on Christmas Eve in 2010 but just to give you more happy pictures of my parents, here is a picture I took during our annual vacation to Yosemite in 2008. Note that Mom is wearing a Los Alamos, NM hat. That’s right. We support you, Los Alamos! :D

Speaking of Los Alamos, Las Conchas fire update: over 60,000 acres burning and 0% contained at 10:00 pm last night. So far Los Alamos and the lab are safe so that is good. Let’s get this baby contained! Everyone reading this post, let’s do a rain dance together today! Ready….. GO! *dances*

Los Alamos

If you don’t immediately associate today’s post with the Las Conchas fire or with evacuation and possibly losing your home, you should probably go google the “Las Conchas fire” near Los Alamos, NM. I feel so helpless here in Colorado, far away from everything crazy going on down there. So this is my way of showing support to those who have been evacuated and those who are working hard to contain this crazy wildfire. Seriously, if there is anything I can actually do to help, please let me know. *goes and does a rain dance*
I think this is one of the most beautiful places in the world. See for yourself: