Lights and Darks

One of my favorite things about living in Colorado is that sometimes we get AMAZING sunrises and sunsets where the whole sky looks like it’s on fire. Here’s an example of an incredible sunrise we got a few weeks ago. I woke up because my whole room was bright red!
Anyway, this picture also brings to mind an idea I learned in photography class – about photography being a mission to capture the contrast between light and dark. I like this picture because I think it effectively does that – the bright and dark spots in the clouds and the dark trees. Looks neat I think.
Speaking of missions – I am thinking about changing the focus (hehe photography joke) of my blog. Maybe making it more general. I haven’t been posting as much recently because with work and wedding planning and life, I have not had very much time to go out and take pictures, much less organize them according to the rules I am supposed to be following every day. I am thinking of just making it more general (a broader focus if you will) to include other aspects of my life – such as: planning my wedding (I am sure you are all thrilled about that), other artsy things I have been up to (a lot of crochet mostly), etc so that I will be able to post more. Thoughts?