Fun with Fisheye

Well until I get enough money to have fancy lenses for my DSLR, I will be content to play with the crazy modes on my little Canon Powershot. For example, the Fisheye mode can be insanely entertaining or insanely neat. This top picture is an insanely neat example taken by Cobalt. For an insanely entertaining picture, please see below (I took that one)… Hahahaha…

Black and White: What’s that you see, Russell?

Sometimes I think that I shouldn’t be allowed to have as much fun as I do with my DSLR and its remote control. This picture (and the one below) were taken out of boredom and a huge desire to take a picture of me “lurking” upstairs. So I borrowed Cobalt’s tripod and set it up crazily on the stairs and then busted out the remote control. Russell the shark came along for the ride. These pictures were kind of silly not only to pose for but just to take in general. Every few pictures, I’d stop and run down the stairs to check out my results/determine if I wanted to change any of the settings/my poses or whatever. Ha… I am so weird. Anyway, I love this picture because it is just so goofy. I feel like I am on some crazy children’s network TV show and Russell and I have to solve some sort of crazy mystery before the evil guy gets us!
On a completely different note, check out the picture below. Here, I felt like I was going to sneeze and I thought it would be funny to have a picture of me sneezing with Russell just hanging out… So here it is.
FINALLY… on a completely random note, when I typed this post’s title, I typed “Blah and White.” I hope you don’t think these pictures are blah… :(

Black and White: Green screen or not?

Today’s picture comes from the 4th of July! Cobalt and I didn’t have time for our annual hike so instead we just headed up to Boulder Falls for a quick bit. It’s pretty much the shortest hike you could ever go on but look at the result! CRAZY FALLS!!! Woooo. Reminded me of my family’s yearly vacations to Yosemite so that was happy. Anyway, I brought along the Nikon D80 and my 50 mm lens (prolly should have brought the zoom lens, crazy Potassium…) and we took a few fun pictures at the falls. Crazily, they kind of look like we photoshopped Cobalt and me into a picture of the Boulder falls. I promise these are real and we were not in front of a green screen!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! :D

Apparently I have been so busy with everything that I forgot that I have absolutely NO new black and white pictures (if you don’t count all those color accent pictures I’ve been posting like a fiend recently). But it doesn’t really matter because today is my parents’ wedding anniversary and that is more important than sticking to my silly rules. So yeah! Happy anniversary parents! I love you guys! I hope you have a wonderful anniversary! :) This top picture was taken on Christmas Eve in 2010 but just to give you more happy pictures of my parents, here is a picture I took during our annual vacation to Yosemite in 2008. Note that Mom is wearing a Los Alamos, NM hat. That’s right. We support you, Los Alamos! :D

Speaking of Los Alamos, Las Conchas fire update: over 60,000 acres burning and 0% contained at 10:00 pm last night. So far Los Alamos and the lab are safe so that is good. Let’s get this baby contained! Everyone reading this post, let’s do a rain dance together today! Ready….. GO! *dances*

Los Alamos

If you don’t immediately associate today’s post with the Las Conchas fire or with evacuation and possibly losing your home, you should probably go google the “Las Conchas fire” near Los Alamos, NM. I feel so helpless here in Colorado, far away from everything crazy going on down there. So this is my way of showing support to those who have been evacuated and those who are working hard to contain this crazy wildfire. Seriously, if there is anything I can actually do to help, please let me know. *goes and does a rain dance*
I think this is one of the most beautiful places in the world. See for yourself:

Black and White: Whoa… wide angle

For today’s picture(s), Cobalt and I played around with strange wide angle shots. We were inspired by the neat wide angle shots from the movie The King’s Speech. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out (it won like 4 freakin’ Oscars!). If you have seen it but you never even noticed the crazy shots in that movie, you should watch it again. Some great examples are when Colin Firth is on the couch in Geoffrey Rush’s office during their first meeting…
Anyway, I actually like Cobalt’s version of the wide angle shot better than mine (and kind of copied him with that shot up there). So to be fair, here is his shot. Thoughts?

A softer side

I think this one works best if you are a bit farther away from your computer screen. Hey… better for your eyes anyway, huh? Anyway, I LOVE this picture. It turned out so neat. Looks all old or something. Or looks like I just paused a movie on an old VHS… Anyway, I’ve been messing around with this new technique to take softer portraits. Used to be that you smeared vaseline on a lens filter and then used that filter to make your portraits softer. That just sounds messy to me. So now people use nylon! I went a bit overboard with this picture and I actually put my nylon black stockings over my camera lens as if it were getting all dressed up to go out. Apparently that’s a bit much since Cobalt is so dark. Though I kind of like the grittiness.
As much as I like the drama of the above picture, I think it is a bit much for your every day “soft” portrait. I tried it again with a nylon “ped” that you get at a shoe store (got new shoes last weekend!)… This makes for a much much more subtle effect…
You can barely tell that I am any softer…. ooooo the subtleties… It was a lot of fun to play with this nylon. I found that if I stretched it differently across my lens, I could get more or less “soft” tones. I also found that this is one of those types of photography that doesn’t work so well with the backlit subject. You’ll probably see some more of my “soft” attempts in the near future. Yay! Fun new camera techniques!!!

Portrait: Wakey Wakey!

Wow… these weeks are just flying by! Now we’re back to Monday again! Today’s portrait Monday is Cobalt’s adorable but crazy niece. She sat in front of me on our epic road trip to Oklahoma and at one point I broke out the camera. As soon as the camera came out of the bag, she hammed right up in her seat and was so cute that I couldn’t help but take some pictures of her!
Now to be fair, I am also going to post a picture of her brother who was playing his DS at the time but I snapped a sneaky picture of him anyway:

I hope you all are having wonderful Mondays! :)