Top Secret Crochet Project pt 1

Meet Woky! He was my top secret crochet project #1 of the fall. This isn’t the current top secret crochet project mentioned in Monday’s post though. You’ll have to wait on that one. Anyway, this is Woky. He is an ewok in case you were thinking he was a cute teddy bear with a hood (:-/) and his hood is removable. I made him for my friend Jem! A few months ago, my friend J suggested that we make crocheted ewoks together and I thought that sounded fun! J is a much faster crocheter than me so she finished her ewok in record time. Meanwhile slow Potassium took months to finally finish Woky (this does not bode well for my current top secret crochet project….). It was awesome in the end though because I finished Woky about a week before Jem was supposed to come into town for a visit. Somehow she figured out that she was getting an ewok though I think she was still happy that she was right. She promptly named him Woky! :) Before Jem came into town, we took Woky to the pumpkin patch for a photoshoot. So without further ado, may I present Woky!

This is before the pumpkin patch; Woky decided he wanted to ride the great shark Finn across the house… Cobalt can’t look at this picture without thinking of riding the sand worms in Dune…
Ewoks in the corn maze!
I think Woky has chosen a pumpkin….

I am super proud of Woky. I’d say he turned out pretty well! His pattern was pretty hard (I had to keep asking J for help… that’s partly why he took so long to finish…).

In other fun crafty news, my friend Jem and I are thinking of starting an Etsy shop for our photographs and possibly my crocheted creatures (though I am super slow so I’m not sure about that). Anyone have any comments about that? Do you have an Etsy shop? Is it awesome? Stressful? Let’s discuss (topics: Etsy/ewoks/anything else you’ve been dying to tell me)!

Baby plants!

Or at least one baby plant… This is a follow up to last Friday’s post about our garden. Look! A baby lemon cucumber has sprouted! Angelica the crocheted octopus is excited about it (and we are too)! It must have been all that warm weather we had last weekend (it was in the 80’s!). Too bad it was freezing and snowy yesterday (told you Colorado weather was weird)… Poor baby plants had to stay inside.

No worries all! Wedding Wednesday will be back on Thursday! Wedding… Thursday? I’m not sure it sounds that good but just go with it…

Skeleton bride head and such

Skeleton bride head is excited about all the new friends I can make for her with all these fun pattern books. She just hopes that I make the rest of her body (and her veil) and possibly a skeleton groom first. They have a wedding to get to after all…

(Thanks to my sister and Cobalt’s family for the fun books! I want to quit grad school and crochet all the time now…)