On Differences

I have always been something of a “freak.” Seriously. I named my car Remora (it’s the suckerfish that lives on sharks). I love sharks (and most sea creatures actually) with pretty much an undying passion – I want to throw a stuffed shark instead of a bouquet at our wedding. I don’t really care about the things I think a lot of people care about. In short, sometimes I feel like I am doing the opposite of what everyone else seems to be doing.
So then it’s funny how much of my life I have spent trying to fit in. I don’t want to be put in someone’s “weird” category where they judge me for being different. I just want to be me, Potassium! But you know how it is, you categorize people: There’s that weird girl that I don’t quite get. There’s that guy who seems like he’s sooooo full of himself. There are those people who do (whatever) when I think they should be doing (this other thing). I think it’s natural in a way. But I also worry that sometimes it prevents us from really just embracing people as they are.

I think there’s a fine line between respecting people’s differences and using differences to isolate people. I’d rather use differences as a jumping off point for getting to know people instead of as a label and a reason to stay away. It’s hard but maybe it’s something good to strive for.

About the picture. It’s from a graphic novel called “Bayou Vol. 1” by Jeremy Love which has great art even though I don’t like the story. I thought the picture was fitting for today’s post though…