Introduction to Potassium….

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Sarah and I am a biochemistry Ph.D student who lives in Boulder, CO. You may be wondering why this is called “Potassium Photography” and not “Potassium’s Fun Days in the Lab!” Wellllll… I happen to LOVE photography and I am trying to get better at taking pictures. Sooooo I started this blog to challenge myself.

Okay… here’s the deal:

  • I’m going to post a picture every week day (weekends are for rest/taking more pictures!!!)
  • SOME days will have a special theme while other days, I can post whatever I want
  • I reserve the right to change any of my picture rules at any time… ;)

So…. I guess I should have some rules so that I can break them…. Here they are:

  • Monday – I have to post a portrait
  • Tuesday – free day – I can post whatever I want (including pictures that I really like but I didn’t take)
  • Wednesday – I have to post a black and white picture
  • Thursday – free day – I can post whatever I want (including pictures that I really like but I didn’t take)
  • Friday– Never underestimate the power of the cell phone camera! That’s right. Friday’s picture has to be a picture that I took on my cell phone!

Okay. Intro – check. Rules – check. Picture….. welp, it’s Friday so I guess I’d better post a cell phone picture…

Today is the day before mole day (for you non chemists out there, a mole is 6.22 x 1023 of anything. So a mole of eggs would be 6.22 x 1023 eggs. Wow… That is a lot of eggs…). Anyway, in celebration of mole day, the chemistry department made elemental cupcakes that you could buy for a penny a proton. I bought Potassium (of course) and then Cobalt for my boyfriend because he asked for it. And I think that is all! Have a happy weekend! The Denver zombie crawl is this weekend so watch out… next week’s photos are going to be veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery interesting…

5 thoughts on “Introduction to Potassium….

  1. Mole day has never looked more delicious. Was there any more differences between the cupcakes other than the elements they displayed…otherwise I would imagine they would have a severe shortage of say…..hydrogen cupcakes …..and an overabundance of Nobelium cupcakes.

    • They only had one cupcake per element so Hydrogen went pretty fast… The cupcakes were a penny a proton UP TO $0.50 so Nobelium would only have been $0.50. Whew. The cupcakes were also colored according to where they fell on the periodic table. For example, the s block had one color (see the potassium cupcake) while the d block had a different color (see the cobalt cupcake). :)

  2. Hey Sarah! I’m so excited about your photo blog!!! Just came to say hi! :) Hehe, the cupcakes are cracking me up. Were they nice btw?
    Have fun at the zombie crawl!
    *whale hugs*

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