Halloween is getting closer… Time for a creepy picture….
On Friday night this last weekend, my boyfriend Cobalt and I went for a drive into the mountains behind Boulder. It was pretty creepy to be driving on the wet, twisty roads with nothing but trees and fog surrounding us. At one point, there was this really neat fog hovering just inches above the ground. Who knew what could be lurking just beyond?!
I find that I actually have a pretty good imagination for horrible things so sometimes it’s nice to just relax and let my crazy mind go wild, coming up with horrible scenarios lurking just beyond the safety of the car. Cobalt and I apparently share this insane love of imagining scary things and so sometimes we’ll go for drives in the dark, listening to music and watching the world go by… Once we actually swapped the horror stories our minds invented and found out that we actually managed to come up with some fairly similar ones. It was madness.
Anyway… the PICTURE, Potassium, the picture…
So on this particular drive, Cobalt and I ended up by the Gross Reservoir. We stopped to take pictures with my DSLR. As usual, we took a few normal pictures of the reservoir and its surroundings before turning to our usual fun task – let’s make some CREEPY pictures… Here is one of our results, which I particularly like as Cobalt is hovering so creepily over my shoulder. And he totally looks like a ghost. Delicious…

Working with Cobalt on picture editing is both fun and challenging. Because both of us have worked alone for so long, our creative muses often end up bickering. Here you are seeing a pretty good compromise though. We first started by cropping the picture (Cobalt liked having those extra trees to the right of the pair of us because it gave the picture more of a cinematic tone and I just wanted it to be of the two of us… but then I looked at it his way and decided it looked more dramatic). Then came the little things: getting the dusk specks off (this was a fairly long exposure), getting rid of unwanted things in the background (stop signs, windows, fences, etc), and playing a little with the lighting on my face. I think that’s pretty much it though.

Happy Tuesday everyone! :)

7 thoughts on “Pssst…

  1. That picture is scary indeed! And I agree that darkness and fog together make for a creepy drive. Who knows what’s in that mist?

  2. Oh my gosh, I love this photo! I can’t say more because I have to go, but ahhh I love it! I’ll be back with more comments soon!

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