Mmmm… Moon Cookie

I apologize because my eclipse pictures are a week late! You’re probably wondering if there was another eclipse and you just missed it! Nope. I am just slow at posting my pictures… Anyway, here is my representative eclipse picture! Taking eclipse pictures was really fun because I had my DSLR on my dad’s super sturdy tripod (my wimpy tripod from Target just wasn’t cutting it… :p) and I finally got an excuse to use my new shutter release cable that I got for my birthday. SO fun. I set up the camera, took some pictures, left it chillin’ (quite literally) outside for a bit, came back, snapped a few pictures, etc. Hilarious. It was also tricky because it was quite cloudy here the whole night so I had to keep waiting for the clouds to go away so I could take another picture. Finally, it was super fun because I got to play with all sorts of shutter speeds. I took some really long exposures to overexpose the uncovered moon slice while perfectly exposing the red covered moon, and then some shorter exposures to show little moon fingernails in the sky. Awesome. Good times.

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