Portrait: Friends forever

This weekend, my friends Janet and Meghana asked me if I wanted to practice taking portrait shots. Of course I said YES! So we went out into the crisp cool air of Boulder in January and took a bunch of pictures. Janet and Meghana are such good sports, having to put up with me as their awkward photographer, still getting used to what settings I want to use and then having to decide what I want my models to do on top of all of that… Plus I got to play around with switching up the lenses. I usually take pictures with my trusty 18-70 mm zoom lens but I decided to try out my mom’s 50 mm lens too, even though I had to manually focus everything (so this picture is not autofocused). This picture turned out especially nice though I feel a little awkward about the white background. It’s funny that the sky was so bright at the time of this picture that it got completely washed out – but the girls are so nicely lit… I guess that would make it easier for me to put Janet, Meghana, and the strange statue they are hanging out with on some completely different background (ahahaha).
Anyway, I hope you are looking forward to seeing more pictures from our photoshoot soon! :)

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