Portrait: Could I have another cracker?

This weekend I went cross country skiing again. It was amazing up there this weekend; it was warm (40 degrees F!) and the sky was clear and blue. Freakin’ gorgeous. I stopped a lot to take pictures… Hopefully I didn’t annoy anyone coming up behind me. But everything was too amazing to go unnoticed.
As for this little guy, he and his friend (you’ll see the friend tomorrow) popped up when I stopped to take a break and eat crackers. I was eating my crackers next to these girls who were eating all sorts of delicious looking muffins and such and well the birds wanted in on the sweet deals. I soon found that if I threw the birds a cracker every once in a while, they’ll stay still enough for me to get some cute pictures of them! This bird even hopped up on my backpack! I love how you can see the snow on his beak… Awwww!
I took these pictures on my baby camera (obviously not lugging the DSLR to go skiing…) and I think I put it to the test here trying to capture these wiggly birds. It has a setting on it that captures a bunch of frames in a row (so I could see the birds in motion) but I didn’t have time to remember how to get to that setting. (I know it works pretty well. I took a series of pictures of Cobalt kicking a kickball using the mode when I first got the camera but of course I had ample time to play with the camera then.) So for this time, we stuck to the plain old auto mode. Next time, cute birds…

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