Portrait: So Cold

Soooo… it’s been pretty cold here recently. I think we hit a record last week of -17 degrees F one morning. Bleh. Craziness, that’s all I have to say about that. This picture was taken a few weekends ago before it got ridiculously cold. Though with the wind chill, it was still pretty nippy outside! And poor Cobalt! I dragged him outside so I could take pictures. I like this one a lot. I like his hood and the way he is looking down. I also like the tree in front of his face. I am not really sure why. :/ One thing I am sort of conflicted on is the amount of space I left above his head. I was thinking of cropping it but then I decided to just leave it. I think it makes the picture better, especially with the twigs that are out of focus on the top. Thoughts?

One thought on “Portrait: So Cold

  1. I don’t think it’s the space above his head so much as the overexposure; the brightness kind of distracts. When I cover it up with my hand it seems better, ha ha. :) This is a good pic of him! He looks cold though. TJ saw it and said, “Andrew doesn’t like cold.”

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