Portrait: Up Close and Personal

This picture should be called “Someone got a new lens this weekend…” because well, that is what happened. Yes. I bit the bullet and finally let myself get a new lens. I have been wanting this lens FOREVER and I decided to take the plunge. So now I am a proud owner of a Fast 50 mm lens for my DSLR! Yay! It’s a f/1.8 which is amazing to me because my zoom lens has f/3.5 and that is what I am generally used to. Though I did play a little with my mom’s manual focus lens, which goes down to f/2.2. Anyway, quick explanation: Really low f number = you can let in a lot more light to your picture (better for indoor photography) “but” you lose a lot of depth of field (ex: my eye is in focus but my ear isn’t). There are quotes around that but because sometimes that is a good thing. The loss of depth of field can make for a pretty cool effect when only the thing that you want in focus is in focus and everything else is blurry. Of course, it is not as good if you want to take a picture of a whole landscape or something. So… something new to play with, my camera friends! You can play with the f stop on your point and shoot cameras too. Just put the camera in the AV mode and it will let you set the f number (or aperture). Then it will adjust everything else for that number of your choosing so you still get a fantastic picture. :) If you’re really brave, you can put your camera in M (for manual) and then you can adjust everything (shutter speed, ISO, f number, etc) on your own. I do that for my DSLR pictures but not for my point and shoot.

Anyway… enough camera lessons for today (though I am sure more can come later). Let’s talk about this picture. So yeah… it’s funny. This picture is taken with my new lens on my DSLR but Cobalt actually took it. Nice work, Cobalt. I love it. :) And I love you. Awwww… Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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