Long Way Down

“I don’t think I’ll make it on my own…” (it’s Goo Goo Dolls!)
This weekend, Cobalt and I went on a walk on one of Boulder’s many trails because it was amazingly warm outside and I wanted to shoot some landscape pictures. I can guess what you are thinking here: “this is a picture of feet… not landscape…?!?!” Yes. You are right. Those are my feet. We were walking along and then I found this weird area with concrete and rusted steps and gears and wheels. Right in the middle of all that nature. I think it is a system that helps control for overflowing creek water but for me it was a goldmine. So fun. Anyway, I really liked this ledge with the steps leading down and since I had my 50 mm lens on my camera (yeah… not good for landscapes either… Don’t worry… I got some cool shots with the zoom lens too so I didn’t totally fail with my goal), I decided to try more of a dramatic picture. I like it. A lot.

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