Portrait: What kind of freak hot sauce did you just give me?

This weekend I went to the Fiery Foods and Barbecue Show in Albuquerque, NM with Cobalt and his sister. Basically, people come from all over the country (and a few people came from outside of this country) to compete for the tastiest/spiciest hot and barbecue sauces. And then once the judging is over, the public is allowed to come and sample all the goodness/hopefully buy people’s products. Cobalt has gone many years in a row but this was my first time. I went as his personal photography assistant, photographing him eating various spicy foods and then his reactions (I also got to eat my fair share of spicy deliciousness…). This is by far my favorite of his reactions to some crazy hot sauce called the Green Flash. Yikes! Watch out! Apparently this one wasn’t even as hot as another one he tried from Jason’s Mom Hot Sauce which was so hot, it gave him the hiccups for the rest of the show. Geez… Intense. Poor Cobalt…

4 thoughts on “Portrait: What kind of freak hot sauce did you just give me?

  1. SOOOOOOO Glad this one made the blog! It is just hilarious! I even remember hoping you had got this pic when he made this face. Awesome…made me giggle! Oh, and by the way, loved being with you for your first Fiery Foods Show (such yummy chili!).

  2. Whoa….its kinda like the facial expression on the bull on the hot sauce bottle right before it charges.

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