The ghosts are lurking…

Another picture from the disposable camera’s adventures last summer. One weekend last summer, we decided to drive up to see the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO and check it out. For those of you who don’t recognize it from the back/have never heard of The Shining (….), this is the hotel that inspired Stephen King’s “Overlook Hotel” in The Shining. The Stanley Hotel was not actually used for the movie BUT it still has haunted rooms that you can stay in (one of the coolest sets of wedding photos I’ve seen was from a “haunted” wedding done at the Stanley). If you can’t afford to stay at the Stanley Hotel, you can always go on their ghost or history tours. Oooooo…
I think Cobalt took this picture. That’s another fun thing about the disposable camera – both of us stole it at various times and took a few pictures here and there. So now we have a vast collection of very different photography styles on the same roll. Fun times. :)

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