Cell Phone Picture: Something American CONTEST RESULTS!

Hey everyone! It’s that time! Time to find out who won Cobalt’s and my little cell phone contest from the 4th of July.
Here’s how it worked. On the Fourth of July, we texted a bunch of our friends this message:
Challenge! In honor of merica’s birfday, take a cell phone pic of what you think best embodies America. Text it to me by midnight tonight. The winners will be posted on Potassium’s blog this Friday
and then we got a BUNCH of awesome pictures. It was SOOOOO fun! You guys are amazing! I’m thinkin’ we’re going to have to do another contest soon. So don’t be sad if you didn’t get to participate this time.
Anyway, let’s get onto the results of the contest already!

First things first:
Grand Prize

Her shirt says “Yo soy legal” in case you can’t read it. Awesomeness. We loved it. :)

First Runner Up

Going classy with some American history there. We history lovers certainly appreciated it. I also love the addition of the flower.

There was a TIE for Second Runner Up

We just really loved the photograph here. It is just a really great picture and well composed (plus it has our nation’s capitol building in the background… That’s pretty patriotic if you ask me…)

This one is just pure hilarity…

Third Runner Up

This picture was really creative and fun. Great Work! :D

The rest of the pictures… so awesome…and in no apparent order

The caption: “America in Speedo Form!” Disturbing yes, but hilarious? Also yes. :)

Gotta love Independence Day…

Ahhhh the wide open spaces of America…. We got a few of these entries actually. Very nice, very nice. :)

Ohhhhh we Americans sure do love to eat. The caption here: “Look at the food. And the prices. ‘Merica…”

Caption: “Big blue sky, big city, and vast interstate. AMERICA.” :)

Sad… isn’t it funny that most “American” things aren’t even made in the US? How does that work?!

Mmmmmm Fourth of July food! This is actually similar to the picture that Cobalt would have entered had we not been judging the contest…

A different take on Fourth of July food! You want Chinese food instead? You got it! Gotta love ‘Merica and our options for food!

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