Hey Buddy, Whacha Doin’?

Went on a walk on the trails by my house this weekend and played with my baby camera. It’s a bit frustrating actually to go from where you control all the settings even down to what the camera focuses on with the DSLR to having pretty much no control and trusting that the camera is smart enough to figure out what to focus on. I was having a lot of issues with the macro mode especially. Oh well, I guess it requires more playing…
Anyway, I thought this picture was kind of neat not only because the butterfly on the flower is in awesome focus but also because of the blurry butterfly in the corner flying into the picture. He looks like he’s like “Hey friend! Wat’s goin’ on?!?!” Fun.

2 thoughts on “Hey Buddy, Whacha Doin’?

    • Yeah macro has been the WORST. I was trying to get a pic of this grasshopper on a blade of grass forever and it was like “Ooooo! I focus on the grass!” no matter what I did…

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