Private Joke

I’ve been to a lot of weddings recently and I have to say that I think my new favorite part of weddings is the first dance. I love watching the bride and groom have their little private moment together with whispered jokes and comments about how the day’s going – or whatever they talk about. I really don’t know and that is the best part. It’s the mystery that really catches me. It is just so special because it kind of is a display of what a relationship should be like, right? Full of those little private moments with them giggling about whatever and us having no clue. Makes me feel all warm and bubbly inside to be invited to take part in witnessing it all. :)
This is a picture from the most recent wedding we attended. Congrats George and Sonya! :D

In other news, we’re supposed to get our first epic snowstorm of the season tonight/tomorrow. Fun snow pictures tomorrow? We’ll have to see about that… :)

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