Fourth Week of Advent

I know… it’s been a LONG time since I wrote in here. I apologize for that. Grad school sucks up your creativity and time sometimes. Sad days.
Anyway, I am incredibly proud of this picture. So proud that I got on here and posted it for you all to see! Basically, I’ve been playing with the shapes of out of focus lights. I thought of it last week when we were at Denver zoo’s ZooLights and I had the f stop (depth of field) set very very low (higher sensitivity to light but very low depth of field… means that things not directly in the field of focus are not very much in focus). I noticed how easy it was to get any lights in the background to be big round dots and I thought it would be fun to try to change their shapes! So here we have all four advent candles lit and shining in the shape of stars… Stay tuned for more starry pictures…

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