I said, didja hair me?!

Typical Potassium hair (flower not guaranteed)…

So let’s try a slightly less photography related entry. Weddings. Oh man… Wedding planning is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Every day there seem to be more details I realize I should be thinking about. I mean, generally they are actually important (like shoes for the bridesmaids and such… probably pretty important…) but I just am not used to planning basically a huge party where I (or me and Cobalt… or just Cobalt) have to make all the decisions. So the other day, my friend asked me how I am going to wear my hair and I realized I should actually probably look into that seeing as my hair usually sees two different styles: up (ponytail or bun… sometimes two buns when I’m feeling especially awake in the mornings) and down (straight or curly, mostly curly because I have a lot of hair and it takes hours to straighten).

Anyway, after feeling panic/confusion (trying to imagine what my hair would look like “fancy”), I decided to check out some websites and look up wedding hair.

It’s a fairly new territory for me. Also, a territory that seems to omit people with my kind of hair (the crazy curly kind, which is why it usually remains contained and hidden in a ponytail), which worries me slightly. Most bridal pictures I see have girls with their hair straightened and then recurled. This style confuses me because my hair is already curly. Why would I straighten it just to curl it again? That sounds like a lot of work…. and hours in front of a mirror. And the other thing is that I am weird and I actually LIKE my curly hair. Now that I actually know how to contain it, I think it’s pretty easy to get it to do what I want. So again, not really feeling the straightening just to recurl thing. I am worried I would lose some part of me in that whole process…

And then besides the curly vs. straight question, there’s up vs. down! How do people choose these things? I feel really ungirly right now… :-/ Does anyone have any neat suggestions for naturally curly hair?

11 thoughts on “I said, didja hair me?!

  1. Think about times when you really liked how your hair looked, times when you felt invincible because not only was it a good hair day, it was a shout-it-from-the-rooftops-holy-cow-have-you-seen-how-good-my-hair-looks-today kind of day. Go with that style, tweaking it here & there to make it extra special.

    I went with giant curly hair because:
    a-it was Texas
    b-it was humid
    c-Jennifer Aniston hadn’t wrecked the curly hair trend yet with “the Rachel”
    d-I have giant curly hair

    My veil/headpiece had flyaway things on it that went well with the giant hair. Are you going to have any headwear? Because that’s a consideration, too.

  2. I think folks straighten-to-recurl so they can design the type of curl they want. Bigger curls, ringlets, wavy, etc. It makes the hair more manageable and transformable, if that makes any sense. You have more options when you straighten it first. But if you want to rock the gorgeous curls you’ve already got, I say go for it! I’d google search “curly hair updo’s” if you want it up, or just curly wedding hair if you want it down. The more I searched the internet for inspiration, the more clear of an idea I had for my hair on my big day. Good luck girl! I love your curls!

  3. The thing that’s awesome about Potassium hair is it’s uniform curliness. When I let my hair do it’s thing it looks confused, mostly! Should I be curly, wavy, straight, or randomly all three? If I want it to look non schitzophrenic but curly I usually have to crank up the curling iron :(

    For your wedding hair my vote is for natural with a blueish orchid tucked in. It will look fabulous! Why mess with perfection?

  4. I say DEFINITELY wear it down. You look stunning with your hair down and curly…..so many women spend a lot of $$ to get their hair to try to look like yours. The other thing, is that when hair is down, it looks gentle and soft and feminine (don’t stone me if there are any women who take offense to that statement). I have seen many brides with “up dos” , and they often look somewhat severe and out of character. I have a friend with hair like yours. She wore it up for her wedding, and I remember thinking “why did she do that?”. Her beautiful, curly hair was part of her loveliness and it wasn’t there. This isn’t going to be on Facebook, is it?

  5. First I will start by saying you are beautiful no matter what! Second, my vote is for down and curly. Down cause I think you have beautiful hair and should show it off, and curly because if you are planning on doing a lot of dancing it is best that you start curly and stay that way then start straight and wind up with a floofy/frizzy OMG what did dancing do to my hair situation. Another thing to think about is how do you feel the most you. It’s a huge moment in your life and you should be comfortable and happy just being yourself in that moment because everyone that is sharing that moment with you loves YOU just as you always are :)

  6. Down and curly for sure!!!! You look beautiful and you’re going to be the loveliest bride :)

    Ooh or you can compromise and style it a little like maybe a small braid from the front draped to the back and that way you can stick some flowers or sparkly pretty things in it….

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