I am what a scientist looks like

You should check out this Tumblr blog called This is what a Scientist Looks Like because it is my new favorite blog. The goal of the blog is to show that anyone can be a scientist, regardless of gender, race, etc. It shows that scientists can have a variety of hobbies (like photography for example) and obsessions (like my love of sharks :-/) even though they also love science. Yay! I find this so empowering… Let’s get away from the stereotype that all scientists are white men with frizzy hair in lab coats and glasses, people! :)

Shark girl says: Have a good weekend!

One thought on “I am what a scientist looks like

  1. AMEN to that. The ironic part is that the lab I work in IS mostly frizzy haired white men with glasses. They always get confused when I walk into a meeting. About once a month I get a variation of “um, are you lost?” Then over the course of the meeting I rattle off a bunch of info that proves their points invalid, and that shuts them up pretty quickly :)

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