Wind: the cloud artist

So one of my really good friends is visiting Boulder for a conference and Boulder is just not playing nice for her! We had 60-70 mile an hour winds allllll day yesterday! Seriously… I almost got blown away walking to the bus stop yesterday (and Cobalt had a very hard time biking to work – at one point, he was neither going forward nor backward thanks to the craziness of the wind). Anyway, one of my favorite things about really windy days here (actually pretty much my only favorite thing about windy days) is that the wind does funny things to the clouds. Usually it makes them crash into the backs of the mountains so they come splaying over the mountains in this really pretty way. Yesterday though, it was doing something completely different… look at that weird cloud shape toward the bottom. It’s so streamlined and unfluffy-cloud-like. It is so mysterious to me. I was kind of in awe as I was walking from the bus stop so I stopped at took this picture on my cell phone. I think the colors in this picture are very strange…

What is your least favorite kind of weather and is there anything about it that makes it tolerable (like me and the way the wind shapes the clouds)?

2 thoughts on “Wind: the cloud artist

  1. I hate having to walk somewhere in the winter when the snow is falling in big fluffy flakes because it’s all up in your face and you cant see. However, from inside, it is beautiful to watch through a window. :)

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