Boy Scouts and Tire swings: Part 2

Today’s post is about my soon to be niece A. She’s a crazy one so my pictures hopefully can capture that.

Cobalt and I got in Thursday night so we could get up early on Friday and see A sing in her school’s choir concert at… 8:45 am! Anyway, it was very enjoyable and we got to see A dance!
After school, she and I went to the park. Shown here is A on the tire swing. Somehow the tire swing turned into a spa (don’t ask, I am not sure how we got there now…) so here in this picture she is sporting my sunglasses and showing off her “new” fingernail polish… Hahaha…

What else happened?! Cobalt had to dig her bike out of the ice so she and C could go bike around the neighborhood (it was awesomely warm this weekend… though not warm enough to melt the ice around A’s bike without some coaxing from Cobalt). We also got to do some drawing. A and I switched off – we each drew a picture and then the other one colored it. I don’t have pictures of our finished drawings for you so I will just post a picture of the new animal I invented: the horse shark – which is a combination of our favorite animals. :)

So now a note for A – A you are super smart and really sweet. I love running around and being silly with you. I am so excited to be part of your family. :)

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