Weather Report: ????

I usually check the weather on every day before I go wherever I am planning on going. Yesterday when I got up and checked the weather before my soccer game (first outdoor game of the year woooooooo!), I saw the following weather report. If you are thinking that this looks like a decent report of the weather, make sure you take a look at the current wind listed…

I am sure this was a random mistake on’s part because when I reloaded the page a few minutes later it was fixed. But it still made me laugh and made me think of how appropriate the report was for the month of March in Boulder. You see, we don’t really get one of those “normal” springs where it gradually gets warmer in March and then the “April showers bring May flowers…” No, Boulder basically has a split personality for this whole part of the year which makes the weather almost completely unpredictable (hence “wind: ??? calm??? Maybe?!?!?”). So yes, one day it will be absolutely gorgeous and a nice 66 degrees outside and the next day it will snow 2 feet (or rain/snow, or drizzle, or just be freakin’ COLD for no reason, etc) and then the next day the sun will come back out, the temperature will go back up, and it will be like that day in the middle never existed.

Ohhhhh Boulder…

Is it spring-like where you are yet? Are your springs as two sided as ours? I know we technically have 8 days until spring starts according to the calendar but no one seems to have told our weather that…

2 thoughts on “Weather Report: ????

  1. Apparently we are having really unseasonably warm weather here in upstate NY. We’re in the high 50s and 60s for the forecastable future! Yay for no coats and scarves for the time being. Last week it was windy and 35 degrees, then 60 degrees and beautiful the next day. So I get you on the crazy weather swings!

    Here’s hoping Boulder gets nice weather soon :)

  2. Our spring is being abnormally warm, and except for the fact that I know all the mild weather means the bugs will be ridiculous this summer, I’m loving it. Today’s high is 55, and tomorrow’s is 67. Averages around here are usually mid 40’s for March, so I’m in heaven.

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