Seeing Stephen Hawking

Seeing Stephen Hawking on last week’s Big Bang Theory episode reminded me that it’s been five years since I had the privilege of seeing Stephen Hawking speak in person. Craziness how much time flies… Here’s my picture documenting the incident. I was pretty much in awe the whole time; Stephen Hawking is kind of like a rock star to me… Sadly, unlike Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory, I didn’t get to talk to Stephen Hawking about my theories on the Higgs Boson particle… ;)

I hope you all had awesome weekends. Did anyone do anything awesome for Easter? Who is one of your personal ‘rock stars’ (or real rock stars)? Have you met him/her?

2 thoughts on “Seeing Stephen Hawking

  1. It’s probably for the best you didn’t get to talk to him about the Higgs, you might have made a math mistake on page 2 and then fainted. :)

    Seriously though, that’s kind of awesome you got to see him in person. I’m totally jealous.

    The closest I got to awesome this weekend was finishing a number of things on my wedding to-do list and successfully preventing myself from hyperventilating when I saw how much was left! I discovered wine helps with that feeling of panic.

    I have no hope of saying anything intelligent to any of my scientist rock stars, so in a more realistic world I’d have to default to my favorite comedians. I would love to spend an evening with Lewis Black. I’ve met Kathleen Madigan (my other favorite) a couple of times, which was always awesome.

  2. The conversation between Me. Hawking and Sheldon was real. He insisted on really doing it with his gizmo that he uses. Big Bang offered to dub it in and he refused.

    So cool that you saw him. That sounds wonderful

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