Prom prom promenade…

Wow… It’s hard to believe but next week, we will have ONE MONTH until our wedding. That is SO exciting (can’t wait) but also scary because there are sooooo many little details left to plan that life and grad school have decided to not give me time for… :p So we’ll see how this last month goes. CRAZY.

In other wedding-related news, our Colorado shower is this weekend! Our friends L and T are throwing us a “prom in the park” shower. Should be fun! We get dressed up for prom and then celebrate in a nearby park with our friends. There is going to be a boutonnière/corsage contest so Cobalt and I have been discussing what we want to do for that. Apparently there is also going to be a surprise that we don’t know about… Now you can look forward to my post next week to find out what that is!

So Colorado must have something against proms because it has been trying to thwart our party. We had 3 consecutive days of the temperature in the triple digits (I think Monday was the hottest at 104) so we might all be melting at the prom! I guess everyone could come by Cobalt’s and my apartment for a dip in the pool after the prom… Also, we were originally planning on eating hot dogs/hamburgers/etc at the prom but now that we are surrounded by about 8 fires AND the city of Boulder is now being threatened by a fire (see picture below), the city of Boulder has banned the use of charcoal fires (probably a smart idea). The grills at the park are all taped off… so no grilling… I think we’re having pizza instead. That is, if Boulder doesn’t burn down first…

Picture of the fire (taken from lab, right after the fire started)

Booooo…. As of 7:25 pm on 6/26/12 (when I wrote this), Cobalt and I are on pre-evacuation notice so we have everything packed and ready to go just in case we get evacuated. :( Update: at 7:25 pm on 6/27/23, pre-evacuation notices were lifted (of course right as we moved all our stuff to a friends’ house… :p)

In final wedding related news, if you have in your hot little hands an RSVP postcard for our wedding, PLEASE mail it back (even if you think we know you are/aren’t coming). We are using the cards as our official counter for the caterer/venue (so if you want food/a place to sit… SEND US YOUR CARDS). If you have already sent in your cards (like about half of you have), THANK YOU! :) Please note that if you ignore this message, you will get a grumpy phone call from me or Cobalt come July 9th (no one wants that)…

Finally: the non fire picture! This is from when Cobalt worked at a high school and I got to be his date for their prom! I think all the high school girls who had a crush on Mr. Cobalt were a little unhappy to see me… :-/ Thanks to Cobalt’s friend C for taking the pic! :D

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