Chai Shark Attack!

Wednesday morning was a lovely morning for chai tea with breakfast…

Oh my, what is that in my chai?!

Whatever it is, it’s got teeth!

AHHHHH THERE’S A SHARK IN MY CUP!!! (runs away screaming)

Who would have guessed sharks liked chai? Btw, this is one of our favorite wedding gifts. :D

Yay! It’s Friday! Any fun plans for you guys this weekend? How was this week for you guys? Crazy? Acceptable? A little bit of crazy and a little bit of acceptable? I’ve been working like crazy in lab while my boss is at a conference in France (jealous…). So determined to have something exciting to tell her when she comes back…

Also, do you have an iPhone (or are you getting the iPhone5 today)? Tell me what you think of the new iOS! I’m kind of upset about the new Maps app.

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