Goin’ to the zoo – close ups

This weekend, Cobalt, A and I went to the Denver zoo because Mike’s Camera, the big camera store out here was hosting a zoo day. They were out there renting out cameras, lenses, and tripods to anyone who wanted to play with photography. (In case you were wondering, this is similar to the day I spent with the butterflies at the Butterfly Pavilion). This time was awesome because both Cobalt and A rented fancy DSLR cameras too and then we all got to rent super epic lenses. So the three of us trekked around the zoo with our expensive cameras/lenses capturing the wildlife (funny story: Cobalt and I kept hearing small children being excited to see the squirrels running around the zoo… really children? You see squirrels every day… LOOK AT THAT ELEPHANT! *sigh*). I actually switched expensive fancy lenses halfway through and then ended up taking something ridiculous like 427 pictures (!!!!) between the two of them. Since I took a bunch of keepers, I decided to write two posts on the zoo day, one for the pictures taken with each lens.

So today… we discuss the amazing 18 mm by 300 mm lens I tried out first. For those of you that aren’t keen on photography terms, this lens does EVERYTHING. It can do super close ups like these creatures on today’s post or it can do your typical “wide angle” type expansive mountain shots (not shown today). So that’s pretty amazing. It was also REALLY heavy. My hand was getting tired by the time I got back to switch lenses.

One more thing I want to say about these pictures is that I want to thank Patrick for his amazing zoo pictures and his “how to” zoo picture taking guide on his blog. Really got me thinking about the best way to capture the animals at our zoo with my epic lenses…

And without further ado… more pictures…

I like this tiger pic a lot. He just seems so grand but also kitty-like.

Action shot!

I am not sure what this creature is but I like it… They were hanging out with these neat birds. Maybe I will post a picture of them later…

So, this elephant picture is really special because Mike’s Camera had a bunch of HUGE lenses set up on tripods by the elephants. You basically gave the guy your lens and then hooked your camera up to one of the epic crazy lenses. That’s why I decided to focus on this elephant’s eye. I like it… Boo that I couldn’t get rid of the fence though….

That’s all for today! I had so much fun being an epic photographer with Cobalt and A! It was awesome that all three of us got to play with cameras at the same time. Made for a great time at the zoo. Look forward to seeing more pictures from the other lens later this week!

What is your favorite zoo animal? I might be able to post a cool picture of it… :) What did you do this weekend?

7 thoughts on “Goin’ to the zoo – close ups

  1. I wish someone around here did stuff like that! It seems like a great way to try out new cameras and lenses, and really get a feel for what you like (or just wish you could afford). I want to upgrade to a DSLR (I have a bridge camera right now), but I can’t decide which one. Also, I might want to wait until after the honeymoon.

    “(funny story: Cobalt and I kept hearing small children being excited to see the squirrels running around the zoo… really children? You see squirrels every day… LOOK AT THAT ELEPHANT! *sigh*)”
    My now-husband and I went to a tiger rescue a few months ago and noticed the same phenomenon. On the tour, there was a little kid who was fascinated by bugs on the ground and pine cones. His dad kept trying to get him to look at the tigers, but the kid wasn’t buying it. Clearly, he sees white tigers everyday, but pine cones are a new experience for him.

    • Oooo your comment totally made me almost write you a book of a reply about finding a DSLR camera but I think I will write a post about it instead (just so you don’t get an epic book right now and so everyone else can read it too) but I think you’ve brought up some good points… I am nowhere near an expert in photography but I think I have some helpful tips. Congratulations on your recent marriage! :D

  2. Great pictures! I second the request to see all the pics plus I would love to see Cobalt’s too! Love the tiger! Any chance you got a pic or two of penguins?

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