That awkward moment

when you realize you can’t be two places at once.

Let’s start up the Wedding Wednesday posts again! First of all, I think we are supposedly going to get our professional wedding pictures soon (finalllllly) and second of all, there is stuff that I never finished talking about.

So let’s start. We’re married now (yaaaaay!) and the holidays are quickly approaching… What are we going to do about Christmas? For those of you who don’t know, Christmas is a big deal to both of our families. However, Cobalt’s immediate family is in NM and my immediate family is in CA. Every year before this year, Cobalt has gone to NM and I have gone to CA for at least Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so this year marks the first year we will be together on the actual Christmas holiday. The problem is… which family do we spend the holiday with? We already decided that we want to try to see both families during the Christmas season but of course only one family can see us for the actual holiday. Cobalt and I have been stressing out over this issue… mmmm since we got married… because we know that at least one family is going to be sad and one of us will be sad because we won’t be spending Christmas proper all together. That said, we love both of our families a lot so Christmas is still going to be special… just… different. However, it’s time to stop freaking out about it and actually buy tickets because holy crap they are getting really expensive.

Now it’s your turn. Any advice for the newlyweds? What did you do your first Christmas together?

Picture: One of the many crochet sharks I made, “Licky shark,” licking an ornament on my family’s Christmas tree last year. I took this picture when I was playing with the out of focus light so you can see that the reflection on Licky shark’s eye (and all the other out of focus light) is in the shape of a star. I like it…

3 thoughts on “That awkward moment

  1. Don’t stress about this. We, of course, would love to have you for the actual holiday, but we’ll take what we can get (Mom may have other opinions)! We’ll make do! I had assumed y’all would alternate years….anyways, it will be good to see you both and be able to spend (hopefully) more than just a couple of days with you!

  2. I wish I had some really good advice for you, but all I can really think of is to plan to spend alternating years at each family’s house, and I dunno how you’d decide who goes first. I’m actually really apprehensive of this issue for when Kim and I get married, because it’s obviously going to be a big decision where we go. And while I of course understand that he will want us to spend some Christmases with his family, I’m still really not too excited about spending Christmas in the tropics, in the summer :-/ But that’s just me being selfish. And he also wants us to be able to have some Christmases be just us, as our own family, starting our own traditions, and possibly even traveling somewhere such as the UK to experience Christmas there. But for me, Christmas is all about family, so I don’t know if I would enjoy having it without ANY other people. I’d love to hear about how it works out for you.

    • Agree to spend any future grandkid’s first Christmas with whichever side misses out this year on your first Christmas together! Because, believe me, that year will be a stickier decision by far! ;-)

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