Professional Wedding Pictures!

I remember being sad that I didn’t have access to my camera on my wedding day because I wanted to save the whole day in picture form. Thanks to Holly Carlyle Photography, Cobalt and I have access to the proofs of all 900 or so of our professional pictures that sum up the whole day pretty well! I put together a little post for you guys. It’s a little overwhelming to go through all 900 and pick out just a few! I am already sad about the others I abandoned so maybe I will post more pictures later! Anyway, here are a few!

One of the many pictures of me, my bridesmaids, and our Shark Bananas.

Table for the relatives who couldn’t come
Groomsmen being silly before the ceremony

So we may have given each other pieces that were too big…

The Father Daughter dance was much discussed… My dad and I are ridiculous…
A girl and her shark…
Kissing the bouquet shark goodbye
Rings and photobooth props… I think our photographers were having fun.

Thoughts? Is there anything that you wanted to see that I didn’t put here? I have soooo many pictures I could post for you guys. :) Let’s discuss! I miss getting comments from you guys…

In other news, today is my sis in law’s birthday! Yay! Happy birthday! I hope it is amazing. Also, Saturday was my mom’s birthday (Happy birthday again, Mom!) and my birthday is next Monday! Hurrah! So many November birthdays… :)

In other other news, my epic grant is getting reviewed tomorrow. Fingers crossed they like it!

7 thoughts on “Professional Wedding Pictures!

  1. Love the pics you chose! I really love the ring fish pic! It just says so much about the two of you as a couple to me (funny, whimsical, loving). Thanks for the Birthday wishes! I took a long time getting to work today just so I could listen to my Birthday gift. ;) Good luck with the grant review! I hope all goes well!

  2. I love seeing your pictures, Sarah. What a beautiful wedding, and a fun time, that was! Looking forward to more pics. And I know you are busy when you come back here, but I’d love to see you guys when you’re in town, even if just for a little bit!

  3. Great choices, Sarah! It really captures the fun of the day. My birthday was really good and I hope that you have a fun one on Monday.

  4. Looking at the pics reminded me of how much fun we had! :) It was a super great day. Also appreciate any photographic evidence of my husband getting bunny ears. You’ve also inspired me to update my oft neglected blog…

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