Dropsy Turvy

Yay! A post! And one with crazy water droplets! The pictures in today’s post comes from last weekend when my friend Jem was in town and we gave each other various photo challenges. This one was by far the hardest because it requires dropping water into a bowl full of water and capturing the droplets falling and landing in the bowl. You have to have a lot of light so you can use high shutter speeds (so the drops don’t look blurry) AND you have to take hundreds of pictures so that you can at least get a few cool pictures. So the set up is pretty much as complicated as taking the actual picture. Jem and I made an impromptu light box and pretty much filled it with all sorts of lights. I think the best way to do this type of photography is to use an external flash but Jem and I didn’t have one so we had to improvise with a couple of desk lights, an overhead light in the room, etc. Anyway, then we set up the background behind the water (in the picture above, it is the sheet music – this picture was inspired by this one taken by Patrick Latter). Then we played with a variety of camera settings (longer and shorter shutter speeds, smaller or larger ISO and F numbers, her camera vs my camera), backgrounds, and the water itself (we added blue food coloring to the water at first and then some milk). Fun times.

The picture above and the pictures below are some of my favorite pictures from my camera.

What do you think? It’s craziness! I love how the pictures (which have been adjusted only for white balance and shadows) look ridiculously 70’s… So many colors…. How are you guys? It’s getting to be holiday season so I’ve been thinking a lot about traditions. Do you have any awesome traditions that you do every year? Is it something you’ve done forever with your family or is it something you and your spouse/significant other came up with? What’s the story behind it? I want to know everything! :D

5 thoughts on “Dropsy Turvy

  1. I like those, they’re neat! And I agree, kind of a 70’s school slideshow vibe. Every year at Christmas The Man and I watch the MST3k version of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, which is our own weird tradition. My family always liked to drive around and check out the Christmas lights, which is something I want to start doing again…

    • My family used to go look at Christmas lights too! I was driving around my neighborhood the other day and there are crazy ones within two blocks of my house! I want to find more…..

  2. Those are awesome! Makes me happy we’re pretty close to making a choice and getting a DSLR of our own :)

    The only thing I’ve done with my family that I would call a tradition is that since I was about 4 we’ve been able to open one present on Christmas Eve, which always is a set of pajamas my mom has made just for us. For the first couple years my sister and I had identical ones, but as we got older she started making us different patterns with different fabrics to fit our styles. She still does it to this day, and has even started making pajama pants for Geoff!

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