To tame the perilous trail!

We left the shark backpack at our lunch spot and went to go explore a little. It looks like he’s feeling a little left out…

This past weekend, Cobalt and I went on a hike with Cobalt’s friend A, who just moved to Boulder! It turned out to be much more perilous than we had intended as most of the trail is in the shade and, while most of our snow in Boulder has melted, apparently this shaded trail snow has yet to get the message. It was a nice weekend and there were a lot of people out on the trail, packing down the snow and making it a very slippery hike, even in hiking boots. I was very envious of everyone who had crampons strapped to their hiking boots. Cobalt, A, and I got within a quarter mile of our destination and were so tired from sliding up the mountain that we decided to stop for lunch. It was a fairly secluded spot and gave me a great view for some photography!

After lunch, we slid back down the mountain (A actually slipped and rode part of the way on his butt – this is after making fun of me for slowly making my way down in front of him…. ahaha).

Now it’s your turn. Tell me about a scary hike you went on and why it was scary. Or tell me about your favorite hiking story or your favorite trail to hike in Colorado. The title of this post comes from a song we played in band in high school called “To Tame the Perilous Skies” by David Holsinger… I thought it was appropriate.

One more thing. Today is my friend HtomSirveaux’s birthday! Yay! Happy birthday friend! I hope you have a great day!

One thought on “To tame the perilous trail!

  1. I kid you not, when I saw your post title I went “huh, that sort of sounds like To Tame The Perilous Skies…I am such a nerd.” Soooo happy that’s actually what the reference was. That was such an awesome piece. But pretty much anything from Holsinger was fun to play.

    I don’t have any hiking stories…I’m not much of a hiker and prefer my outdoor adventures with a side of beach.

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