The story of the girl with the yellow hair

So my sister is coming into town today and in her honor, I thought I would post a story about our childhood that recently resurfaced…

A long time ago when we were kids, we had this amazing bathtub toy (the Floating Marina by Fisher-Price) that included a few people, the floating marina, a water plane, and a boat. We loved this toy. It pretty much hung out with us every bathtime for more fun in and around the marina. We especially liked the girl with the yellow hair. We liked her so much, we gave her a special name: “The girl with the yellow hair” (creative, I know…). Anyway, our family used to go stay in a cabin in Yosemite National Park for a week or so every summer and of course, the floating marina had to accompany us on our vacation. So there we were in the bathtub in Yosemite playing with the marina and its accompanying friends. I put the girl with the yellow hair under a bowl (maybe she was in a submarine?) and moved it along the bottom of the bathtub until… oops… she fell down the drain!

Looking back and thinking about the size of the girl with the yellow hair, I am confused about how she even fit down the drain because she is a pretty large toy. Anyway, tragedy struck and my poor parents had two crying children to deal with. They frantically attempted to retrieve her for us, even calling a plumber the next day to see if she was stuck in the pipe… but alas, the girl with the yellow hair was with us no more.

Now you are probably confused because I’ve posted this lovely picture of the girl with the yellow hair in her plane on the top of today’s post. To get to that part of the story we have to fast forward about ….. 20 years from the original incident to a few weeks ago. I was talking to Cobalt because I was upset about a mistake I had made and for some reason, the girl with the yellow hair story resurfaced. As soon as the conversation was over, Cobalt ran upstairs to search for the girl with the yellow hair on ebay and he found her (thank you Cobalt)! I called my sister, who was visiting my parents at the time, and she managed to dig up the sea plane from the marina set within all of our old bathtub stuff (surprised that we still had it actually…). So now the girl and the plane are finally reunited (and my sister and I will also be reunited)!! Happy days. We already decided we’re taking the girl with the yellow hair out to brunch to apologize for throwing her down the bathtub drain all those years ago.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have a “scarring” childhood story about losing one of your favorite toys? Or a story about you and your siblings? Let’s hear it! :D

5 thoughts on “The story of the girl with the yellow hair

  1. I had anger issues as a child. Once, when I was mad at my younger brother, I took his Luke Skywalker on Hoth action figure and bit the head clean off.

    Yeah – got in trouble for that one.

    But history repeats itself. Kid #3 was upset with kids #1 & 2, so she pulled the head off one of #4’s Barbie dolls.

    Yeah – she got in trouble for that one. And bought #4 a new Barbie.

  2. I left my favorite blanket in the hotel room when I was 3 or 4. I was pretty sad about that one….

  3. I texted my sis the other day because I remembered out of nowhere about how she took a red dry erase marker and colored all over the people from my Precious Places set, as well as on the walls of their little houses. It looked like a massacre! The marker wouldn’t come off either. Of course I used to interrupt her playing Barbies with what I called “Crazy House” where I threw the Barbie furniture around and made the Barbies jump off the roof. She was not a fan.

  4. I love this post!! I remember the incident in Yosemite well. You forgot the part about the “boy with the dark hair” that WAS rescued from the drain in the cabin. I think that is is so cool that Cobalt was able to find her on ebay.

  5. My sister and I had a pop up book of jungle animals that we absolutely loved. We could flip through it for hours, which was convenient for my parents when we were traveling. One time, we took it on a plane trip. We had a layover somewhere, so we got off the plane and made our way down to the next gate. When we got to the gate we realized we had left the book on the plane. My dad tried to run back to talk to someone to see if they could find it, but by the time he got there the plane was already gone.

    My sister and I wailed and wailed about it…until we got on the next plane. Turns out the plane we got off of was for whatever reason moving gates and being used for the next leg of our journey, and it was sitting right there in the seat! It was ridiculous, and ridiculously awesome.

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