Everything’s better in orange!

Hey all, life is currently causing me rage and anguish so instead of a post, I leave you with this picture of my awesome orange hair. Cobalt and I had a hair dying party this weekend to commiserate life being meh right now and I think my orange turned out pretty well!

Now if only it would stop fading epically…

PS- who wants to guess what fun color Cobalt’s hair is?

5 thoughts on “Everything’s better in orange!

  1. I’m gonna go with blue!! BTW, I think there is something in the water. There is a lot of rage and anguish going around these days.

    • A) I watched YouTube videos and found that if I put my hair in two braids and fastened off the braids with a hair tie, I could bleach/dye up to the hair tie. It was super successful! :D B) It totally is blue!

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