The world is just a little less puffier today

Potassium and her wee holding Patti and Smokey the day the kittens joined the family.

A long time ago (read: before braces and growing up and all that jazz), Potassium and her family adopted two tiny kittens to befriend their older cat Blackberry. They named the kittens Patti and Smokey. Patti, the runt of the litter, was so tiny that the vet refused to draw her blood for the customary FeLV test at her new cat exam. “She needs all the blood she can get!” the vet commented, adding that Smokey’s test results would be fine for both of them.

In addition to being so tiny, Patti had epically long fluffy fur, she had the tiniest squeak of a meow, and she didn’t even know how to purr (Potassium and her friend G had to teach her). Potassium and her family fell in love with her instantly. Then Patti grew up into an even fluffier little puffball who loved being petted (so much so that she would bite your butt if you were “ignoring her” by petting one of the other cats), thought that cars were her friends (that was scary – she would flop down right in front of people pulling into the driveway so she could get her belly rubbed), and was our adorable little Snowbeast with her little pantaloon pants.

In case you didn’t believe me about her pantaloon pants…

Unfortunately after almost 17 years with our family, Patti succumbed to heart disease earlier this week. We love you and miss you, little puff!

4 thoughts on “The world is just a little less puffier today

  1. What a beautiful girl! Such soulful eyes. I am sorry she is gone but I know she had a wonderful, long life with you guys!

  2. Potassium, I’m sorry your beautiful puffball Patti is gone. I’m glad you were fortunate to have each other for 17 happy years. She looks like an adorable kitty.

  3. Potassium~ I am so sad to read that Patti has left us. It is so hard to say goodbye when we lose one of our furry family. Hugs to all of you.


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