Everything is tired!

Cobalt and his Andy Warhol Campbells Soup can puzzle from the Andy Warhol exhibit

Hey everyone! How are you? Sorry it’s been forever since I posted on here. Hopefully the following will help explain some of my absence. Two weekends ago, Cobalt and I went to Fort Collins, CO for a date day. It was a lot of fun! First we went to my favorite French restaurant for brunch. Mmmmm crêpes and macarons… Then we headed to the Fort Collins Museum of Art to see the Warhol Exhibit. Cobalt loves Andy Warhol’s art and it was cool to have him teach me all about screen printing! Later, I found a recipe book for making a variety of macarons. Mmmmm so excited to try those out! When we got back into town, we decided to do some bouldering at the climbing gym. That’s when the day took a tragic turn because on the last climb, I fell off the wall and ended up spraining not one, but both my ankles!

Ankles getting iced the night of the fall…

All last week was spent figuring out how to use crutches and getting over some serious pain (and a cold). The pain is a little better now but my ankles are still pretty swollen. Yesterday was my first day back in lab and it was epic. Just getting to the bus stop made me exhausted… Then we had a fire alarm in the middle of the day (my lab is on the 3rd floor…)! We’re supposed to have snow this afternoon so that should be interesting. Hopefully the swelling goes down soon so that my life can get back to normal… :(

Now it’s your turn. Tell me about a time you were injured. Did you ever sprain an ankle?! How did you deal with the pain? It’s funny, ever since I fell and hurt my ankles, all I have wanted to do was go for a run. Booo…

PS: In case you couldn’t tell, my post title is a play on the “Everything is Awesome!” song from the Lego Movie except it describes how I felt when Cobalt picked me up from lab yesterday…

3 thoughts on “Everything is tired!

  1. I swung out on an under hang while bouldering a few years ago. I was only holding on with one arm and it twisted it weird and I tore something in my rotator cuff. I couldn’t lift my arm for two weeks and had to pretend that I was fine at work so they wouldn’t put me on disability (which sounds nice but making 60% of my $10 an hour job wouldn’t pay the bills).

    Anyhow, I took lots of glucosamine chondroitin msm which helps grow cartilage, and it healed pretty quickly.

    Everyone gets hurt bouldering sooner or later! I’m sorry that your injury affects your day-to-day life so much! Hopefully you will be better soon and we can get back on that horse and go climbing together! :)


  2. Was walking out to my garden to get a tomato and fell and sprained my ankle the night before I had planned to do an epic bike ride! I was so depressed I stayed in bed til noon the next day!! Took forEVER for the swelling to go down!
    Hope you feel better soon!

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