Black and White: Bird off the Wire

This picture is from Pagosa Springs. Cobalt and I were on a picture adventure on one of the many little creek paths one morning when I got bored with shooting landscapes and turned to the birds. These birds were really cute but so hard to approach without them flapping away. This picture comes from the fact that the picture is overexposed and the bird was moving. It’s messy but I like it. I had so many crisp pictures of other flying birds but I just kept coming back to this one. I like the whole messy/bubbly nature of the whole picture. Sometimes life is messy and bubbly, you know?!

Btw, today is my dad’s birthday! Happy birthday dad! I love you and miss you but I hope you are having a great birthday! :D

Sunny Day Activity

Happy Friday everyone! I figured that since we skipped black and white Wednesday this week, we could have black and white Friday to make up for it! Anyway, I think this picture is really neat. Cobalt and I stopped to take pictures along the side of the road one day because he really liked a random dirt road that was off to the right. I was mesmerized by the bikers going around this turn though. I just stood there, camera ready, waiting for them to come. This is my favorite of the pictures I got though. I like how they look like they are all poised at the top of the hill, waiting for me to take the picture so that they can keep going on their trek. :)

Leaping into the weekend

Whew… I have had quite the week. It’s been crazy intense. I realized this week that my research prefers to operate on a strange schedule. So as much as I would love to work 9-5 Monday through Friday like a “normal” person, my research begs to differ. I found myself in lab until 11:45 pm one night and then back by 8:45 the next morning. It’s been interesting because although I generally have to come in around 9ish each morning, I get these strange blocks of time where I am waiting for things to incubate or grow or whatever. So it’s like come in and do a bunch of stuff… wait………………………………………… wait……. OKAY! Do more stuff! Wait………. Ha… This is the life of a research scientist I guess.
So during one of my epic breaks earlier this week, my friend Janet and I decided to go for a walk with my DSLR and my new lens! It was freakin’ gorgeous outside (66 degrees!) so I was glad to be able to escape lab and go take pictures. Janet was awesome and let me take a ton of pictures of her so I could practice/get used to my new lens and shooting outdoors. This one is one of our favorites!


This picture cracks me up because it looks like poor Cobalt is about to get scooped up into a the hands of a giant! But never fear. This giant hand lurks outside a California mall enduring all kinds of harassment. Though I promise you, it is quite harmless. Cobalt and I walked past the hand a few months ago. Cobalt was like WHOA! HAND!!! and wanted to have his picture taken with it. Hilarity.

Yeah… my friend is crazy…

This picture cracks me up. I love how Meghana is popping out from behind the pillar and Janet is standing there like yeah… I know… She is ridiculous… ;) I also really like Janet’s hair in this pic. :) Not sure what else to add to today’s post… I guess if you want to know more, you should leave me a comment! :D
Can’t believe today is already Thursday… Does anyone have fun plans for this weekend?

Caterpillar Dance

This is Bobby the woolly bear caterpillar! My sister and I found him when we were at the beach last week and he was just so cute and fluffy looking that we had to take a bunch of pictures of him (and name him Bobby). He is actually pretty pissed in this picture. I think he didn’t like the flash… Sorry Bobby… But you were moving too much for me to take the picture without a flash! :-/
Anyway, it turns out that many people think you can predict what your winter will be like by looking at the stripes on a woolly bear caterpillar! Apparently, the fatter the brown stripe, the milder the winter will be. In fact, there are many woolly bear festivals across the eastern US where people celebrate the coming of winter with these little guys (Here’s a link to one of the bigger festivals). In North Carolina, they even have a caterpillar race. The caterpillar that wins the race is then used to predict the winter weather. Looks like Bobby’s predicting a fairly mild winter…

Snow Beast Attack!

I love this picture. It cracks me up. This picture pretty much gives you a good idea of what it’s like to hang out with my cats. First, let’s take a step back. Remember Tuesday’s picture? With that fluffy white cat that I said we called the “snow beast” because she gets all puffy in the winter? Well that’s her in the background, wanting to know what is going on with me and Smokey, the kitty in the foreground. I’ll tell you what was going on. I had gone outside in the cold muddiness to try to find Smokey and take some good pictures of her. I took a nice portrait of her too so look forward to seeing that if you’re sad you can’t see her face in this picture.
Anyway, so here’s the thing about the snow beast. She loves getting attention. In fact, she’s bitten my butt before because I was petting one of our other two cats and ignoring her. No joke. So as soon as she sees that she’s not the center of attention, she comes running, just as she is in this picture. I love how Smokey is turning to look at her as if she is thinking “Ohhhhh man… here we go…”
One more thing – I just wanted to point out how green everything is in this picture. Amazing… It’s from all the crazy rain we’ve been getting! :-/

Night Ride

Last Saturday night, there was this really cool fog outside. Everything was blanketed in this cool misty atmosphere. I stood outside waiting for Cobalt to pick me up and I just stared at my breath joining in with the rest of the misty fog. It was as if there were a bunch of people outside breathing and our breath just stayed there and turned into an epic fog. Anyway, enough description. So while I was waiting for Cobalt, I pulled out my DSLR and tried to take pictures of the fog blanket. Then as he drove around the corner to pick me up, I snapped this picture of his car. I love the fog in the headlights. Looks so awesome…

Just a reminder – no pictures for the rest of this week (so sad, I know!). I will be back next Monday though. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Not much. Cropping and Shadow/Highlights to try to bring out a little bit more of the car.

Raise a Toast

Happy Tuesday everyone! I’ve been trying to get better at taking action shots of people so today’s picture features my friend Amanda dancing! On Halloween, Cobalt and I went to a bar with Amanda and some of her friends. Everyone was dancing and I snapped this picture of Amanda! I think it looks pretty neat that her hand is out of focus but the rest of her is in focus!