Night Ride

Last Saturday night, there was this really cool fog outside. Everything was blanketed in this cool misty atmosphere. I stood outside waiting for Cobalt to pick me up and I just stared at my breath joining in with the rest of the misty fog. It was as if there were a bunch of people outside breathing and our breath just stayed there and turned into an epic fog. Anyway, enough description. So while I was waiting for Cobalt, I pulled out my DSLR and tried to take pictures of the fog blanket. Then as he drove around the corner to pick me up, I snapped this picture of his car. I love the fog in the headlights. Looks so awesome…

Just a reminder – no pictures for the rest of this week (so sad, I know!). I will be back next Monday though. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Not much. Cropping and Shadow/Highlights to try to bring out a little bit more of the car.

2 thoughts on “Night Ride

  1. This is such a cool photo!

    Makes me want to quit just taking snapshots and start trying to actually take good pictures. But I know getting great pics is not as easy as it may seem…..
    Good job, Sarah!

  2. Wow…that photo is makes me want to drive around at night and be cool…although I know I won’t be.

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