We need your help for our anniversary!

So Cobalt’s and my one year wedding anniversary is this weekend! To celebrate our anniversary, we’ve come up with a project and we need your (if you live within driving distance of Boulder) help!

A few weeks ago, Cobalt and I were hanging out with our (recently engaged!!!) friends J and K in a local bookstore. J and I were looking at magazines while K and Cobalt were off somewhere else. J picked up a few wedding magazines to flip through and I started with the photography ones until I discovered that this bookstore has an entire shelf dedicated to magazines from France. I picked up one about recent movies and flipped through it until I found an article about Ryan Gosling with this picture on the front:

I did not take this picture (obviously). This photo is by Art Streiber and is featured in the May 2013 edition of Premiere magazine.

I thought it was hilarious how he looks pretty normal except for those crazy yoda hands and I showed it to Cobalt. Then an idea was born…. here’s what we wanna do. So the day of our wedding anniversary (this Sunday, August 4), Cobalt and I want to have a photoshoot where you, our models, get to pick one crazy costume piece (we’ll have hats, masks, goggles, and even the yoda hands Mr. Gosling is wearing above for you to choose from but you can bring your own props too) and then you get to pose for us. I think it’s going to be really fun. Cobalt and I prepped all last weekend and we are super excited! If you would like to be in our photoshoot, leave me a comment here (or a Facebook message if we are Facebook friends) and I’ll contact you with details. Come one come all! :D

I also did not take this picture. This photo is also by Art Streiber and is featured in the May 2013 edition of Premiere magazine.
This is an example of one of the awesome props we acquired. Also this is how sad I will be if no one wants to do our photoshoot with us… :-/

If you are (unfortunately) too far away to come have fun with us on our wedding anniversary, tell me about your first wedding anniversary. Did you do anything special?

Leaf Kicker

A while ago, Cobalt showed me some movie screenshots that he thought I might want to emulate with my photographs. One of the movies, Citizen Kane, had some shots with the camera in the floor so you could see all the floor leading up to the characters in the shot. I thought it was a really interesting idea! So here is a picture where I am trying to emulate that. Cobalt and I were hiking around southern Ohio when he started to kick at something on the ground. I literally just put my camera on the ground and took the picture. I had no idea how it would turn out but I think it turned out neat, don’t you think?

Black and White: That’s one small step for… wait a minute…

That’s right. Cobalt and I went to the moon for Labor Day weekend! Awww sweet! Yeah… it was freakin’ awesome. I took my Nikon D80 with me and took a picture of Neil Armstrong’s footprint on the moon for you all to see.
Okay… that is majorly false. But Cobalt and I did do some pretty fun things for Labor Day weekend. Be prepared for some super fun pictures coming your way soon and very soon (though maybe not so soon seeing as I am still super busy and I actually like to take my time in choosing and preparing a picture for you all to see on this blog. But anyway…) of all of our travels. Let’s just say that I have now seen a LOT more of Colorado than before Labor Day weekend. But enough with the advertising of all the fun and on with the picture because that is what you guys really care about anyway, right?
So no, this was not taken on the moon and it’s not even Neil Armstrong’s footprint. I don’t even know whose foot this print belongs to. I do know that it belongs to someone who once walked along the bank of the South Catamount Reservoir near Pikes Peak because that is where I took the picture. Hurrah! I think it looks neat. What do you guys think?

Feeding the hungry

For today’s picture, I bring you this gem that Cobalt and I took this last weekend. We have been excited about working on our photography techniques and composition by emulating other photographs/film screen shots that inspire us. Today’s picture comes from heyitsclay13’s “A Pigeon of a Moment” photo on DeviantArt.com. Cobalt found this awesome picture and I thought it would be fun for us to recreate it using our favorite “creatures,” sharks and skulls… and one strange bright orange fish monster. It was a lot to fun to have the picture in my head and try to get the composition juuuuuuuuuust right. That’s pretty much the story here. Btw, you should definitely tell heyitsclay13 that his picture is awesome because, well, it is.