Black and White: That’s one small step for… wait a minute…

That’s right. Cobalt and I went to the moon for Labor Day weekend! Awww sweet! Yeah… it was freakin’ awesome. I took my Nikon D80 with me and took a picture of Neil Armstrong’s footprint on the moon for you all to see.
Okay… that is majorly false. But Cobalt and I did do some pretty fun things for Labor Day weekend. Be prepared for some super fun pictures coming your way soon and very soon (though maybe not so soon seeing as I am still super busy and I actually like to take my time in choosing and preparing a picture for you all to see on this blog. But anyway…) of all of our travels. Let’s just say that I have now seen a LOT more of Colorado than before Labor Day weekend. But enough with the advertising of all the fun and on with the picture because that is what you guys really care about anyway, right?
So no, this was not taken on the moon and it’s not even Neil Armstrong’s footprint. I don’t even know whose foot this print belongs to. I do know that it belongs to someone who once walked along the bank of the South Catamount Reservoir near Pikes Peak because that is where I took the picture. Hurrah! I think it looks neat. What do you guys think?

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