Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone! Sorry you didn’t get your usual Tuesday morning post today! Things have been a little bit crazier than usual for me lately. But never fear! It’s still Tuesday here in Washington and it’s time for a Halloween update!

So a few weeks ago, Cobalt and I went to pick pumpkins for Halloween. This patch was awesome! There were perfect pumpkins in every direction! And we got to clip our favorites off the vine! How could we pick just two? We couldn’t. We brought home three delightful pumpkins.

Fast forward to last weekend: Cobalt’s and my friend L was in town. So we asked him if he wanted to come over and carve pumpkins with us. Obviously he said yes. Carving pumpkins is the best. Success – three pumpkin carvers for three pumpkins!

So I present to you a photo gallery of our happy jack-o-lanterns this year:

First up we have L’s pumpkin “Derp-face.” I can’t get over the eyes. :D

Next up, Cobalt made the pumpkin featured in the first Halloween movie. It looks almost traditional but then it gets a little creepy the more you look at it.

Finally, you know the demon fish pumpkin is mine. I’ve been carving shark/fish pumpkins for a few years now and I have to say, I really like this guy.

How can you say no to that grin?

I like him so much that you get an extra picture of him.

In addition to carving pumpkins, Cobalt and I went to Scaregrounds last weekend. It consisted of three haunted houses at the fairgrounds (get the name now?)! Unfortunately we were only able to go through one of them, called “Blackout.” It was pretty dark in there and they gave us one glowstick for the six of us. The ghosts kept stealing it but then somehow sneaking it back to us, which was amusing. My favorite part was that our friend K started the haunt by announcing things like “there’s a trap door in here so… fair game…” Then we just started saying “fair game… fair game…” every time we turned a new corner. By the end, the ghosts were screaming “FAIR GAME” back at us. Heh heh heh. It was good though. Especially because that’s not something I normally do.

Did any one dress up for work today? I didn’t go too crazy but I definitely wore some extra ears all day.

So now it’s your turn. Tell me about your Halloweens! Any ridiculous weather? Any hilarious costumes? I saw some good ones on Twitter today. Any plans for Dia De Los Muertos tomorrow?

The pumpkins say goodbye!!!!

Adventures and Elsa hair

The bride of Frankenstein is wondering where her wedding pictures are…

Remember last week when I said I would post my wedding pictures this week because I would have them by now? Welllllll… as of 9:30 pm on Halloween, we are still without them. It’s been an awkward process between our photographer and her third party host for the past two weeks. Apparently our pictures uploaded last week but the third party host said that half of them were corrupted. She got them reuploaded over the weekend – not corrupted this time – and we still can’t see them. It’s so bad right now… we can see the link to our gallery but when we enter the password, it says the gallery is not ready for viewing. Third party host, what are you doing?!?! We are also going to get all our pictures on a jump drive in the mail so we’re also checking the mail crazily every day…

Needless to say, it’s been a bit frustrating. So that’s why this post is late – I thought for sure we would get our pictures some time on Halloween so I waited and waited and waited but Halloween is over. :( About the picture – I didn’t want to go through the trouble of redoing all my makeup and costume for Halloween but I just had to do the hair again… :)

We’ll end this post on a higher note – Tuesday was the 5 year anniversary of Cobalt’s and my first date! There is such an adventure between that first date and the two of us actually getting married but I think that might be a story for another time. Wow… 5 years of adventures with you, Cobalt… Can’t wait to see what craziness the next 5 bring! :)

Halloweekend 2012!

Yay! Halloween is this week! Cobalt and I celebrated all weekend! On Friday evening, we had a Halloween party at our apartment. We dressed up like Frankenstein’s monster and his bride as you can see in this picture.

Then on Sunday, we had some friends over and we carved our pumpkins we got at the pumpkin patch last week. I of course made my pumpkin into a shark. It was a bit tricky because over the course of last week, a squirrel decided that my pumpkin would make a tasty snack and started taking little bites out of the whole pumpkin. Needless to say, I moved my pumpkin inside before too much damage was done but I did have to think cleverly about how I carved it to get rid of the bite marks. The picture on top has most of our pumpkins – Cobalt’s was a little too dark to be see in this picture so I posted another picture below with just my shark pumpkin and his skull pumpkin.


My mom is in town for the beginning of this week! I am excited to hang out with her. What are you guys up to? Did you do anything special for Halloween this weekend?

Pumpkins acquired + rocks!

Busy weekend here in Boulder! I think I can safely say I got most of the stuff on my to do list done. Could always have more relaxing of course but you know…

Anyway, as mentioned in Friday’s post, we went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday! I got that epically sized pumpkin shown up there and my friend A got that normal sized pumpkin that she’s standing with. I had originally chosen a similarly sized pumpkin with the perfect orange hue but then I found that fatty and fell in love. You know how it is…

I also like him because he has such a good stem… looks like a shark fin. Wahaha… stay tuned till next week to see the carved version!

Anyway, we all got nice pumpkins and then we headed up into the mountains above Boulder for some rock climbing in the afternoon. It was a perfect day for it: warm, sunny, not too many people on the rocks. It was my first time actually bouldering outside so it was a neat experience. After we tried bouldering a little, we just scrambled around on the rocks. Here is a picture of Cobalt and our friend M staring off at Boulder.

In case you don’t believe that we were actually that high off the ground, here’s what the city of Boulder looked like from our perch. I love the colors of the trees and I love how small everything looks in this picture:

Awesomeness! I had so much fun this weekend! Can’t wait to go climbing again! And I definitely can’t wait to carve my pumpkin. I am thinking a shark because of that awesome stem but I don’t know. Anyone else have any ideas? What did you do this weekend? Something fun I hope? How’s the weather where you are? Still fall-like? We’re supposed to get some snow later this week… :-/

It’s Time for Pumpkins!

It’s that time of year again! This weekend, Cobalt and I (and friends I am sure) are headed to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins for Halloween! Yay! I think going to the pumpkin patch makes both Cobalt and I go a little crazy as shown by the top picture (Cobalt and our friend P at the pumpkin patch last year) and the bottom picture (me and P at the pumpkin patch in our very first year of grad school… awww… so wee…). Heheheheh… pumpkins… PS- If you live in CO and you want to go to the pumpkin patch with us, let us know! :)

Do you like going to the pumpkin patch? Do you still get dressed up for Halloween? If so what are you going to be this year? If not, what was your favorite Halloween costume of the past? Cobalt and I are still working out the kinks for our costumes but I promise that they will be super awesome!

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Monday. Today’s pictures: pumpkins. Yep. It’s Halloween. This one on top is my T-rex pumpkin. He is just so cute that I had to take a BUNCH of pictures of him. To be fair though, I also posted the pumpkin that Cobalt carved because it looks AWESOME all lit up…

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope your day/night is filled with ghosts and ghouls and BATS!! :):):)

Halloween wedding

Halloween’s coming up so I thought it would be fitting to have a Halloween themed post today. Also, I thought it’d be kind of cute if my Tuesday and Thursday posts (my “free” days) were wedding themed this week. So we get this picture, taken at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO (known for its association with The Shining), which is all decorated for Halloween. There were pumpkin scarecrows everywhere! These two were my favorite because 1) yesssss I am planning my own wedding so I have a strange affinity for weddings right now but mostly 2) the sun was shining down on them in such a neat way that I just had to take a ton of pictures of them. So cute… Halloween bride and groom! Congrats guys! ;)