“Spring” Break?

Gustav wonders why we aren’t still skiing because he wants to make it all the way to the Flatirons you can see behind the hill we are on…

It’s spring break here in Colorado. Unfortunately for grad students like me who are done with our classwork, spring break doesn’t really mean much except that there are less undergrads everywhere. We still have to go to lab and we still can’t park on campus because spring break doesn’t count as a holiday for the crazy parking police. Booo…

Even with that said, my spring break has been pretty exciting so far. First my mom came to visit this weekend! We had so much fun even though it snowed almost a foot (yeah Colorado doesn’t really get the whole “spring” concept). Below is a list of fun activities that my mom and I did together:

  1. We went out to lunch at this fancy French restaurant in Boulder. We pretended we were in Paris and babbled a little bit in French while eating our super fantastic meals… mmmmm
  2. We made homemade rosemary crackers from scratch… Oh man they were so easy to make and so delicious. I wish I could post some for you guys to try on here…
  3. We watched the crazy snowy USA vs Costa Rica game (which happened in Commerce City, CO… not too far from here) on Spanish television and screamed GOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL along with the newscasters. I also babbled along with them in Spanish whenever I was happy that I knew a word or phrase.
  4. We made delicious shrimp tacos for dinner for Cobalt since he had to work late.
  5. We braved the crazy snowy streets to go run some errands and get tasty breakfast at Mom’s favorite breakfast restaurant here: The Buff (it’s on Man vs. Food – the Boulder edition if you want to learn about it).
  6. We had a party for the 50th anniversary of The Birds because it was mostly filmed about a 30 min drive from my hometown/where Cobalt and I stayed on our minimoon and because my mom had never seen it. I always get super homesick when I watch it so it was nice to watch it with my mom…
  7. I worked on trying to make alligator earrings in a similar style to my shark earrings
  8. We planted the seeds for Cobalt’s and my summer garden. Obviously they won’t be heading outside for a while…

    Yay! Mini plant greenhouse!
  9. Did I forget anything Mom?

After my mom left, I took advantage of the crazy snow everywhere and went cross country skiing around the hill by my house. No one else was out so it was a peaceful adventure through the fluffy snow for me and my sharks (Gustav is featured in the picture on top).

And now for the reason why I didn’t write on Thursday last week – I’ve been working extra hard in lab (except for when my mom was here) so that I can take some time off to actually have a spring break. Cobalt, our friend A, and I are road trippin’ to Dallas to see our friend Jem later this week! So exciting (so excited about WARMTH too…)! So I might not write this Thursday either… Or maybe I’ll make Jem cowrite a post with me (you were warned Jem… ;)). Jem and I have already planned to work on our street photography techniques as she shows us Dallas. Also, maybe Jem and I can finalllllly get our Etsy store up and running! So much excitement!

Now it’s your turn. What kinds of things do you do with your family when you visit them or they visit you? Is it spring there yet? What is your ideal spring break activity? Do you want that tasty cracker recipe? Have you been to Dallas? If so what do you think of it?

Biscuit Success!

Last weekend, I decided to attempt to make buttermilk biscuits. These are pretty much my favorite biscuit of all times but every time I have tried to make them in the past they don’t turn out as fluffy and delicious as the buttermilk biscuits you find in restaurants. Luckily, I have this crazy sense of hope that keeps me from giving up in these situations. You should see me in lab – I am always excited and hopeful when I repeat experiments that have failed multiple times in the past. I just think maybe this time everything will be different and I will get cool results. Note: usually it’s not different and I don’t get cool results but oh well… that’s grad school for you. Anyway, the point here is that I am excited and hopeful every time I redo a previously failed activity and I don’t know if that is a good skill to have or not but it worked here. Look at these puffy biscuits. And since you can only see a picture of the biscuits (and not taste them), I will tell you about them. They are perfect – so light and fluffy. I would have eaten the whole batch in one sitting but I had to share some with Cobalt too… Yumminess.
Thanks to our friends Chocolate Pudding and Millionaire Space Accountant for giving us the cookbook with the winning buttermilk biscuits recipe! :)

“Breakfast” for dinner

Last night, Cobalt and I made these tasty pancake things with sautéed apple chunks on top (and inside the pancakes too). They also have powdered sugar on top. Basically we used an Aebleskiver (Danish Pancake Balls) recipe but then since we don’t have an aebleskiver pan, we just made regular shaped pancakes. They turned out delicious but I bet they would have been even more amazing in ball form (it was kind of hard to get the apple chunks to stay inside the pancakes this way)… Anyway, we got the recipe from this website. Try it! :D
Before you scold me for eating sugary goodness for dinner, I just have to remind you that one of the best things about being an adult is being able to eat whatever you want… In the case of last night’s dinner, we ate it with a salad which, in my book, means that it’s dinner (or lunch). For example, donuts are generally a breakfast food, but donuts with salad on the side… now that’s dinner. ;) What about you? Are there any foods that you eat for dinner even though they are technically not dinner foods?

Happy Groundhog Day everyone! Try your best to make it amazing just in case you get stuck in it for a long time…

(Note: Potassium does not eat donuts for dinner… just to clear that up in case you were worried…)