“Breakfast” for dinner

Last night, Cobalt and I made these tasty pancake things with sautéed apple chunks on top (and inside the pancakes too). They also have powdered sugar on top. Basically we used an Aebleskiver (Danish Pancake Balls) recipe but then since we don’t have an aebleskiver pan, we just made regular shaped pancakes. They turned out delicious but I bet they would have been even more amazing in ball form (it was kind of hard to get the apple chunks to stay inside the pancakes this way)… Anyway, we got the recipe from this website. Try it! :D
Before you scold me for eating sugary goodness for dinner, I just have to remind you that one of the best things about being an adult is being able to eat whatever you want… In the case of last night’s dinner, we ate it with a salad which, in my book, means that it’s dinner (or lunch). For example, donuts are generally a breakfast food, but donuts with salad on the side… now that’s dinner. ;) What about you? Are there any foods that you eat for dinner even though they are technically not dinner foods?

Happy Groundhog Day everyone! Try your best to make it amazing just in case you get stuck in it for a long time…

(Note: Potassium does not eat donuts for dinner… just to clear that up in case you were worried…)

4 thoughts on ““Breakfast” for dinner

  1. I have an Aebleskiver pan. Seasoned and ready to go.
    You can borrow it if you want.
    Personally like to make them with red bean paste in the middle…it kind of mutes the buttermilk flavor that i’m not too fond of…

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