I See Stars

As Cobalt’s and my anniversary is this Saturday, I decided to post a romantic picture of the two of us for today. Also, I felt like posting another long exposure night shot for your enjoyment. This picture satisfies both. Yay. So this picture was taken this last summer when Cobalt and I made an epic road trip from Colorado to California to visit my family. It took us about 20 hours to get there though we broke it up into two days (we were SO tired that we could barely eat our dinners when we stopped for the night. The waitress probably thought we thought the food was terrible! >_<).
Anyway, once in California, we decided to play with my DSLR/tripod/camera remote in my parents' driveway one night and we ended up trying to take pictures of the two of us with the big dipper in the background. We started out with some crazy surreal ones involving at least two of each of us in each picture before settling down to take some romantic ones. I really like the way this one turned out.

Because we had to stand there forever like that in order to come out at all in the picture, the sky got very overexposed. So I set about messing with the color curves to make the darker things much darker and to make the big dipper stand out better than the other stars. That’s actually all I really did for the picture. I like that the light around us is so red (an artifact from the overexposed sky/streetlights in the distance and my playing with the color curves). So intense!

Wow… Wednesday was a crazy day for me so this is going to be one sleepy Thursday. I hope you guys are all more awake!

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