Cell phone picture: Don’t forget to vote!

This is Freddy the stuffed mitochondrion. Yes, I made him. And also yes. He voted. You see that sticker he has? It means he went over to a polling place (or looked at his mail in ballot) and figured out who he wanted running our country/state/county/city and what issues he liked.
Okay people, here’s the thing. If a stuffed mitochondrion can register to vote, comprehend the crazy “legalese” in which the ballot issues are written, and then somehow hold a pen (or pencil or whatever you use in your state) to vote for the things he thinks are important then so can you!
You can still vote early in Colorado until the end of today (until 3 pm!) so get out there and do it (or wait until election day if you don’t have an early voting option)!

Okay… I will get off my soap box now. But really, vote. Have a great Friday and a great weekend!

One thought on “Cell phone picture: Don’t forget to vote!

  1. I did my mail-in ballot last night. If it weren’t for the blue book they mail you I’d have no idea what I was voting about…

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