Portrait: Trash Can Man

Because yesterday was Halloween, I thought I would post a picture of my favorite Halloween costume from this weekend! On Saturday evening, Cobalt and I dressed up like a member of Devo and a demon hunter, respectively, and headed out on the town. We ended up at Pearl Street which is where the people of Boulder go to show off their costumes en masse. There were all sorts of costumes: Lady Gaga, aristocrats, pharaohs, the three blind mice, guys dressed up as cheerleaders, etc. There was even a group of people dressed as Tetris pieces that all fit together. Fun times. I know that this isn’t EXACTLY a portrait in that the photograph doesn’t focus on his face but I hope you’ll forgive me this time. :)

The guy’s trashcan was a bit dark at the bottom so I used Shadow/Highlights (one of my favorite Photoshop tools) to get rid of some of the shadows. Then I cropped the guy and also darkened some of the bright lights in the background.

Happy Monday!

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