Happy Birthday, Mom!

And now for my special surprise! Today is my mom’s birthday! I decided that birthdays top black and white day any day (for my black and white picture, please look at yesterday’s post)!
I took this picture during Thanksgiving break last year. I had had my DSLR for just about two months and I was excited to show it off to my parents. So pretty much as soon as we got into the house, I pulled it out and Mom and I rushed outside to take pictures of ourselves and whichever of our three cats were around. My cat Smokey is in this picture with my mom (and by the way, Smokey LOVES to be held… I think she hates being photographed though because she always looks very upset with everything in pictures). I chose this one because I think my mom looks really pretty in it. :D
Anyway, Mom, I hope you are having a wonderful birthday and I hope that you know what an awesome mother/woman you are. You are smart, talented, beautiful, and friendly and I am glad that I am your daughter! Looking forward to having many interesting and insightful conversations with you when I get home in December. Love you. :)

I used Shadow/Highlights to lighten up my mom’s face a bit and then I cropped the picture. That’s all!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mom!

  1. Thanks so much for the kind words! I had a great day (at the beach of course, reading “City of Bones”) and came home to find this really cool card from you. You are a really special person and a God given gift to me.
    Much love,
    PS I can’t wait for Christmas either!

  2. hey Sarah!

    Awesome blog!!! I really love this picture of your mom…. she freakin’ looks like you!!!

    the rest of your pics, and your commentary, are wonderfully creative!!!

    keep up the good work, girl!!!


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