Sometimes all it takes is a walk around the lake

(my title is from a song by Lost in the Trees)

This past weekend, before all the Halloween craziness, Cobalt and I went away to Dillon, CO for our anniversary. There had been a giant snow storm on Monday and Tuesday last week and they got 18 inches of snow in Dillon! So, even though it was 50 degrees during the day, there was still a bit of snow left for us. It was incredibly beautiful and Cobalt and I spent some of our time wandering around this epic lake taking pictures to try to capture the beauty. This is as good as I can get but I think really, you’d need to be able to smell the fresh mountain air and feel the cool breeze on your skin to really appreciate the beauty of Dillon. I was very impressed (also they had this restaurant called The Mint where you get to cook your own steak… also impressive… and delicious…)!

There were some random spots on the right of the picture so I edited those out and… that’s it!

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